Change in the Atmosphere

Have you felt the heaviness of the atmosphere in these days?

May 1, 2020

Have you felt the heaviness of the atmosphere in these days? Have you felt the tension in our world, in our community, or maybe even your home? Let’s talk about how we can see a change in the atmosphere.

I was doing a memorial service a few years back for a gentleman in our church. It was a very somber moment in the service, when all of a sudden one of his great-grandchildren, who was about three years old at the time, said with a loud voice, “I love Jesus!”  At that moment, the atmosphere changed. It went from sad, to joyful in an instant. There was a smile on everyone’s face, because of the simple words of a child describing their love for Jesus.

It’s amazing to see the atmosphere change! Nothing changes the atmosphere like worship, our wholehearted expression of love to God. In fact, when you read the passage below, it depicts a scene in the Bible where that happened:

The trumpeters and musicians joined in unison to give praise and thanks to the Lord. Accompanied by trumpets, cymbals and other instruments, the singers raised their voices in praise to the Lord and sang: “He is good; his love endures forever.” Then the temple of the Lord was filled with the cloud, and the priests could not performtheir service because of the cloud, for the gloryof the Lord filled the temple of God.”  2 Chronicles 5:13-14

In this scene, Solomon had just completed the building of the temple, and they then gathered together to dedicate it to the Lord. As the “worship team” played their music and the singers began to sing, God’s presence arrived in a way that truly changed the atmosphere. In fact, God’s presence was so powerful that the priests couldn’t even conduct business as usual.

What can we learn from this scene about how to see a change in the current reality that we are living in?

  1. Dedicate what you are doing to the Lord. Whether you are caring for your kids, doing your job, or working on some project, dedicate it to the Lord. That is the beginning of worship.
  2. Give thanks with your whole heart. There is nothing that changes the atmosphere like thanksgiving. Even if you are surrounded by difficulty, giving thanks to God is the ultimate weapon of faith, because you are acknowledging the goodness of God, and that He is greater than your circumstances.
  3. Surrender to His presence. The priests in this scene surrendered to God’s presence. It disrupted their routine and that was a good thing.

While we are familiar with disruption in these days of a crisis and have been very creative in making the most of this season, those attempts will not assure that the atmosphere of our lives is truly changed. The only way to find redemption to our disruption is in the presence of God!

Let’s welcome His presence today by dedicating our daily routines, giving thanks, and surrendering to God.  We are going to see the atmosphere of our community change in these days, and it won’t be from the coronavirus, it will be due to our lifestyle of worship!

As you pray:  Worship God today. During your prayer time today, invite God’s presence through worship. Ask him to flood the atmosphere of your home, your work, wherever you are. Whether you need to turn on a song or just use your voice, pray that God would change the atmosphere of the world around you through worship.