We exist to transform our community with the love and power of Jesus Christ!
Is to shape environments that help people make a decision to Follow Jesus, Find Purpose, and Grow With Others, so that we can Change the World with God’s love!

Values: what makes us unique

Biblical Authority
God’s word is the foundation and guide for all that we do.
Real Relationships
We honor each other best by living authentically together.
The Power of Us
We are a multi-generational, multi-ethnic church and are most effective by living in unity on mission together.
Health Priority
We are committed to building healthy families as the key to a healthy community.
Growth Mentality
Everyone is a work in progress, we help everyone keep taking steps to grow toward excellence that glorifies God.
Extravagant Generosity
Everything that we have is a gift from God and therefore should be shared generously.  
Joyful Service
We believe that we have been redeemed by a loving and compassionate God. It is out of this understanding that we serve with gratefulness and passion.