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For you are God’s Masterpiece, created a new in Christ Jesus, to do the good things he planned for you long ago. EPHESIANS 2:10

Families, in this season of online church, we wanted you to know that we have many resources available for you! Every week we are updating our website to include videos, lessons, and activities for both Preschool and Elementary. You can watch and do these activities right from the comfort of your home!
If you are looking to join us for our in person gatherings, our kids classes for Nursery-5 years of age are open and available. Please register ahead of time at Let us know the names, ages, and the service you plan to attend. We will then confirm your registration. We look forward to seeing you soon and welcoming you with an air high five!!

We’re All Invited


• Disposable napkins (1 per child, white or light-colored)
• Markers


Do this activity as you are eating a meal together!


Set out the napkins and markers.


Jesus told the parable of the great banquet to tell people that salvation is for everyone, not justthe Jews. That means each person has the opportunity to spend eternity in heaven with Jesusbecause He died to take the punishment for our sins. He is our salvation.

Is there someone in your life whom you want to tell about Jesus’ salvation? Who is it? Ponderthe people in your life who may not know Jesus. Then take a marker and a napkin and write the name ofa person who comes to mind. You can also write a prayer for that person. Save your napkins as areminder to pray for those people throughout the week.

Catch the Cookie


• Sandwich cookies (3 per child)
• Timer


Jesus used the parable of the great banquet to show His disciples that He came for all people.Banquets are a great time for celebrating and feasting. Today we’re going to have a contest to seewho can successfully move the cookie from her forehead to her mouth

To begin, give each child a sandwich cookie and have him place the cookie on top of his forehead.Then, on your signal, have the kids try to slide the cookie from their forehead to their mouth without usingtheir hands. If the cookie falls to the floor, they can try another cookie. The child to get the most cookies inhis mouth in a minute’s time wins the game.

Kid's Week

Hey Kids and Families!

We are looking forward to "Kids Week" this upcoming week, August 17-21. This is going to be a great week of interacting in a unique fun way, as we grow closer with our families and in the Lord. We will be using Zoom and also have some content on our website under New Life Kids. The schedule is as follows:

Monday night 6:30pm- Zoom Scavenger Hunt/Family DevotionalTuesday morning 10am-Storytime for the littles (0-Pre-K)Tuesday afternoon- Breakouts for older kids (slime making, hip hop dance, drawing, etc) These will be on our kids website page--check them out whenever is convenient for you.Wednesday night 6:30pm- Family devotions with Pastor Abe and StaceyThursday morning 10 am-Storytime for the littles (0-Pre-K)Thursday afternoon- Breakouts for older kids (slime making, hip hop dance, drawing, etc) Friday night 8:30- Family Drive in movie night at New Life Church (weather permitting--more details to follow)

**Zoom links will be sent to you via email**

If you are not registered yet and would like to still be a part of this event please email Pastor Stacey at

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