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new life kids - elementary activities

We’re All Invited


• Disposable napkins (1 per child, white or light-colored)
• Markers


Do this activity as you are eating a meal together!


Set out the napkins and markers.


Jesus told the parable of the great banquet to tell people that salvation is for everyone, not justthe Jews. That means each person has the opportunity to spend eternity in heaven with Jesusbecause He died to take the punishment for our sins. He is our salvation.

Is there someone in your life whom you want to tell about Jesus’ salvation? Who is it? Ponderthe people in your life who may not know Jesus. Then take a marker and a napkin and write the name ofa person who comes to mind. You can also write a prayer for that person. Save your napkins as areminder to pray for those people throughout the week.

Catch the Cookie


• Sandwich cookies (3 per child)
• Timer


Jesus used the parable of the great banquet to show His disciples that He came for all people.Banquets are a great time for celebrating and feasting. Today we’re going to have a contest to seewho can successfully move the cookie from her forehead to her mouth

To begin, give each child a sandwich cookie and have him place the cookie on top of his forehead.Then, on your signal, have the kids try to slide the cookie from their forehead to their mouth without usingtheir hands. If the cookie falls to the floor, they can try another cookie. The child to get the most cookies inhis mouth in a minute’s time wins the game.